Citronella In Wood Shavings

Citronella oil(cymbopogon nardus), which comes from the leaves of lemongrass plants native to southeast Asia. It has been used to treat rheumatic pain in Chinese medicine and is well-known as an organic inspect repellant. Most people are familiar with citronella sprays, candles and lanterns which are designed for fly control and mosquito control. These products use citronella blended with toxic, flammable  liquids such as kerosine. Citronella oil in itself is considered a "Biopesticide" by the EPA and has been proven non-toxic for over 60 years.  Citronella is commonly used as a flavoring.

Citronella oil is an essential oil found in health stores and used for homeopathic healing for humans.  We research the theraputic values that citronella has been found to contain for humans and apply safely to hooved animals, specifically horses

Equine THRUSH is caused by an anerobic bacteria that, when trapped in moisture creates a fungal infection.  Citronella has "strong antifungal properties" as quoted out of Wikipedia. 

At High Country Shavings, we provide a shaving that is dry enough in itself to help prevent disease and discomfort to your animal. In addition, we strive to go beyond the ordinary by producing a shaving that will theraputically fight hoof and insect diseases with the Citronella products.

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