Products ~ Wood Shavings (made by horsemen for horsemen)

At High Country Shavings, we produce high-quality, eco-friendly, dry, pine wood-shavings, including:

Whole Sale call for pricing
(300+ minimum)
Bag Horsemen Elite Wood Shavings - Full Size
$7.00 Retail
3.0 cu. ft. expanded to 11 cu. ft  
10 cubic feet expanded  
Bag Horsemen Elite Wood Shavings  $5.75 Retail
 1.85 cu. ft. expanded to 6.8 cu. ft.  

6.8 cubic feet expanded

Large Quantity Orders
(300+ bags)
Call for price quote and mention zip code

Please note: All of our bags are compressed, in a 4 to 1 ratio, and our wood shavings products are available year-round. Minimum Bag order in Colorado is 300, Oustide Colorado is 500, CALL for wholesale pricing.

For Sales Call:
(970) 726-4903, or e-mail


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