Benefits Of Wood Shavings

Following are some of the benefits of using pine wood shavings for your horses.

•All Natural: We don’t add anything to our bagged wood shavings (except for citronella, if you’d like). We simply cut down dead pine trees from our family ranch in Colorado and turn them into eco-friendly shavings.

•Minimal Dust:  We screen our wood shavings to eliminate dust particles. This makes the shavings much safer than unscreened products that can cause allergies and respiratory problems in animals and humans.

•Dry: Our trees / shavings have a consistant 9% moisture.  We do not have to go through the mechanical drying process which will not only remove the attractive fresh pine scent but can only bring up live tree moisture from 40% to 11-13% therefore having less bag compression/ 

•Absorbent: Our pine wood shavings are great for absorbing urine. The urine turns the shavings into a solid chunk or “cake,” which can be easily removed from stalls, cages, runs, kennels, barns, pens, and trailers.

•Odor Control: Our pine wood shavings have a fragrant, natural aroma, which helps mask unpleasant odors.

•Soft And Pure: We make shavings researched by our families professional horsemen and contracted veterinarians traveling nationwide sampling our shavings until we found the perfect size our most particular customers desire.  Our eauiptment also produces the softest, fluffiest shavings possible. That is all we do, make shavings from trees we control without contaminents. 

•With Or Without Citronella:  Our bags of pure pine wood shavings are available with or without citronella (the organic insect repellant).

For more information on the benefits of pine shavings, or to place an order, please call (970) 725-3242, or e-mail

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